Why You Should Hire Sales People Who are Social Media Savvy.

Ken Ability Headshot squareIf you are in sales – at any level – then you need to know this fact.

Social Sales Specialist, Jim Keenan, reports that 78% of sales people, using social media tools, outperformed those who were not.

Here is another fascinating statistic.

Eighty-one percent of consumers compare products and pricing online before making a major purchase according to a Major Purchase Shopper Study conducted by GE Capital Retail Bank.

Unless you have been off the grid for the past decade, you will be acutely aware of a shift in buyers’ habits. Further, if you know what to look for, there is an abundance of information available on the Internet revealing buying cycles, connections to business competitors, company news and much more.

Never before has it been easier to stalk your clients. Did I say stalk? I meant analyse.

It is exactly for this reason that you need social media savvy salespeople in your organization. Creative thinkers with technical know-how are outselling congenial personalities and great conversationalists.

Making sales and maintaining relationships is all about information. A good social networker will be able to pull up important information on the company that they are prospecting. LinkedIn is a conglomerate of data showing social events, new hires, promotions, company culture, big sales and so much more. It also shows B2B connections, which may tie together decision makers and maybe even your competition!

A salesperson who is using social platforms efficiently will be active on LinkedIn, FaceBook, Google+ and Twitter. Alerts are easily set up to communicate vital information to a watchful user. They allow tailored correspondence to be available to the right people at the right time. Or perhaps posting relevant content on a blog and sending it to a prospect may be a better approach?

Either way, there is so much information flooding each of us every day, that people tend to only pick out the bits that are relevant to them at that time. Salespeople making use of Twilert (A search tool that alerts you to Tweets that contain your brand, product or service) or Talkwalker Alerts (An alert that sends you an email when your search terms are found in Google) are two of the many useful alert tools.

A wise salesperson will avoid Harassment Avenue and head straight down Education Boulevard. They will use the social media tools at their disposal to listen, interact with and provide gentle solutions to their prospective clients.

It is vitally important to connect your sales people with your marketing department and create a professional and uniform online presence. It’s up to the company to create the boundaries, and for the salespeople to fill in the blanks with their individual personality.

Hiring a salesperson with social media skills puts your company out there for you clients to see. In conjunction with a targeted prospecting program, it may mean a quicker and more consultative approach to increasing sales.

Ken Lazar, Principal

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