Join Us For Our First Meeting of 2017.

Karen S. Brown “Practically Perfect People Skills, An Interactive Workshop’

Karen S. Brown

President, Galvanic Sales Development

Today’s business environment requires more than satisfaction to succeed. Loyalty from employees and customers creates life long brand ambassadors who will keep coming back.

How well are you are doing in relating to your team to help them achieve the goals you’ve set? How well they are doing in understanding and relating to your customers and prospects in ways that build trusting relationships and enable them to help you accomplish the goals you’ve set?

Want to get stronger in those areas? Then mark your calendar to come to our next program on Thursday, January 12 from 7:30 to 9:00 a.m. at The Dublin Entrepreneurial Center. Entitled, Practically Perfect People Skills, the interactive workshop will be facilitated by Karen Brown of Galvanic Sales Development. Karen is certified to consult and train on building highly effective business relationships using DiSC as the foundational format. DiSC is one of the world’s leading personal assessment tools and is used in a wide variety of business environments worldwide to improve work productivity, teamwork and communication.

Karen has converted her nearly 30 years of business management, sales leadership, and technical sales experience into methodology for successfully guiding client companies toward excellence in professional business development.

She uses her knowledge and aptitude to coach, instruct, and lead business owners, sales managers and representatives toward achieving goals that contribute to the company’s bottom line.

Her customer-focused approach to problem solving creates a foundation for cultivating individual talents and skill sets to achieve excellence through proven practices to strengthen relationships and meet goals.


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